Digital Dental Arts of Haverford

Digital Dentistry


CEREC Restorations- Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays, Veneers, And Implant Restorations.

Many of the dental restorations that Dr. Reilly provides here at the office are made by using a highly advanced (CEREC) Restorative system. Once the decay is removed and the teeth are prepared, the tooth is scanned by a digital CEREC camera. The images from the camera generate a 3D model of the tooth/ teeth.  Dr. Reilly then designs a restoration made of all ceramic material form the model. The design is then sent to our CEREC milling unit, right here in our office, and it is bonded to the tooth moments later. This system has many wonderful advantages to our patients.

 METAL FREE- All the restorations are made of a highly esthetic and very strong ceramic material. Each restoration is designed custom to each patient and the needs of their mouth and bite.

 ONE VISIT- We make the restorations here in our office, and there is no need for a temporary restoration, a second appointment, needing multiple doses of anesthesia.

 SUPERIOR FIT AND DESIGN- One of the most amazing advantages of digital dentistry is the incredible accuracy of the fit. Many times the restoration requires zero adjustments. Dr. Reilly designs each restoration custom to each patient, and the result is a perfect restoration every time!