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Mouth Guards

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Athletic Guard

Anyone enjoying contact sports such as football, ice hockey* or lacrosse should wear an athletic mouth guard to prevent any injury or damage to their teeth. There are professionally made athletic guards available which are customized to fit the wearer perfectly. Custom sports guards are comfortable to wear, provide better cushioning and are less bulky compared to mouth guards that you can purchase over the counter.

Types of Athletic Mouth Guards

There are 3 kinds of athletic mouth guards available today: over the counter mouth protectors, boil & bite mouth guards and custom-fitted mouth guards. The OTC mouth protector, as its name suggests, can be purchased over the counter in most sporting goods stores. They’re cheap but they can also be very uncomfortable to wear because little can be done to adjust their fit. They also make breathing and talking difficult.

The second type is the boil and bite mouth guard which are also available in sporting goods stores. These mouth guards are made from thermoplastic material, and you’ll need to submerge it in hot water so it softens. Once it’s soft, place it in your mouth and “bite” so that it is shaped around your teeth and tongue.

The last option is the one we recommend. These are the custom fitted mouth guards which are made individually in our clinic. We will first create an impression of your teeth using a mold to ensure that the mouth guard fits you perfectly and is comfortable to wear.

Dental Night Guards

A lot of people think there is no difference between a sports mouth guard and a dental night guard. But the truth is, night guards protect your teeth and prevents a condition called TMJ disorder which is caused by clenching and grinding of the teeth at night.

Clenching and grinding habits can damage your teeth and can lead to, not only TMJ disorder, but also tooth sensitivity and extensive wear. People who have such habits are recommended to use night guards so that their teeth are protected. We also encourage patients who have crowns, bridges and implants to use night guards if they grind their teeth at night (nocturnal bruxism) to protect their expensive dental work.

If you have this problem, we recommend that you contact our clinic here in Haverford PA so that Dr. Reilly can design a slim and less bulky night guard specifically for you. Our guards are barely visible so you can even use it during the day if you tend to clench or grind your teeth frequently.

Snore Guards

When a person sleeps, the soft tissues at the back of his throat vibrates due to the relaxed jaw at the back, causing him to snore. Snore guards are used to help people stop snoring. What this device does is reposition the lower jaw forward when a person sleeps so that his nasal airway is opened to let the air pass more efficiently, effectively reducing snoring.

If you need a custom athletic mouth guard, dental night guard or a snore guard, contact our office at (610) 642-2669 today.