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Dentistry For Children

We’re always delighted to see our young patients and we do our best to make them comfortable and happy in our clinic so that they’ll look forward to each and every visit.

Our goal is to help our little patients develop proper dental habits which is crucial to maintaining excellent dental health for the rest of their life. Children who have been introduced to regular dental checkups at a very young age are more likely to continue these good dental habits when they grow older.

It’s generally recommended that a child be seen by a dentist when he turns a year old. Some dentists even recommend that the first dental visit should be as soon the child’s first tooth comes out.


During your first visit

Many kids are very anxious about their first dental visit so we want to keep them as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Our objective is to make the child understand that there’s no need to fear the dentist at all.

On your child’s first visit here in our clinic in Haverford, PA, Dr. Reilly will:

  • Examine your child’s mouth, gums and teeth
  • Check for any growth, development or occlusion
  • Teach your child how to correctly clean his or her teeth and gums
  • Discuss a schedule for regular dental checkups

Preparing for Your Child’s First Visit

As mentioned earlier, your child might be hesitant about his first dental visit and the best way to address this is to ease his mind. Assuage his fears by sharing with him your own positive experiences while at the dentist’s office. Explain to your child that the dentist is going to count his/her teeth and make their smile “sparkle.” You can even find books, articles or videos on the Internet that will help your child see what a dentist does and that there’s no reason to worry.

To schedule your child’s dental visit, please call us at (610) 642-2669.